Freymatic continue improvement of Frey Multicut

With their recently developed adjustable cutting-change parts, Freymatic AG of Switzerland are setting new standards in brick production. The cutting-change parts of the Frey-Multicut were originally designed for a fixed cutting length. Now, both the cutting length and number of green products can be set simply, quickly and precisely by means of a revolutionary setting tool. The result is that brick makers are able to satisfy any clients’ requirement on the spot and without any additional cost.

With the new setting tool, cutting dimensions are adjusted in two steps - not directly on the cutter, but externally. The first step is entering the required cutting length and number of green products in the display. The second step is performed by a servo-driven linear unit equipped with positioning laser. This combined unit heads for each calculated position in succession in order to project on to the cutting-change part the exact positions of wire, table gap, chamfering roller or chamfering disc. Thus, all cutting-change parts are quickly and precisely set on the calculated position.

Furthermore, the adjustable wire frame is now equipped with innovative, shock-absorbing wire tensioning units, fulfilling another wish of Freymatic customers. This innovation offers the two advantages of using thinner wires and ensuring a longer service life.

Even existing Freymatic customers will profit from this innovation, since almost every Multicut in their works can be retrofitted with the new adjustable cutting-change parts. In addition, the setting tool is also suitable for adjusting the chamfering tools of older Freymatic Multicut cutters, thus eliminating time-consuming adjustments on existing chamfering tools when chamfering rollers and/or chamfering discs have been replaced.

The patent for this Freymatic innovation is pending.


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