Tonwerke Keller AG, Frick plant

Freymatic patents a technical innovation: computerized adjusting mechanism for harp-cutter cutting tools

With this innovation, the cutting tools can be prepared for the next production run outside of the multi-wire cutter. A computer-linked laser tracks the exact position of the cutting wire every step of the way. Bevelling rollers and table plates can be positioned the same way. A final check ensures that the very first cut matches the new format.

Hartmut Lehmann, Tonwerke Keller AG, really appreciates the new device: „We‘ve been working together with Freymatic for decades now and are more than satisfied with the quality and reliability of Freymatic‘s machines. We therefore did not hesitate to purchase one of the new adjusters. More and more architects are demanding special-format bricks on short notice. In addition, since we use dozens of different raw materials with different shrinkage behaviour, we can now reformat and proceed directly to the next batch of production without any interruption. This new investment helps us react quickly and flexibly to our customers‘ requirements.“


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