“Garden Quarters“ housing complex brings equilibrium to Moscow‘s centre

On an all-told 14-hectare piece of property, the nascent multifunctional residential complex “Garden Quarters“ will provide Moscow with 40 new apartment/business buildings, expansive greenery and 4 000 underground parking spaces.

The winner of the advertised competition, Architect Sergey Skuratov, devised a comprehensive master plan for the erstwhile factory premises in the Khamovniki district. Skuratov styled a number of façades and some of the grounds with clinker bricks. Developed specifically for this project, the assortment is remindful of the district‘s industrial past while simultaneously admitting modern interpretations of rigidity and dynamic façade styling. All in all, more than 4.5 million slip bricks, moulded slips, perforated slips, facing strips, moulded strips and individual clay face bricks were incorporated. The façades‘ vibrancy stems in large part from skilfully sequenced building envelopes, reliefs, tension-rich material combinations and the opalescent hues of the burnt clay.

Comprising diversified reddish-brown earthy shades with strong carbonization, the sortation gives the structures an elegant appeal and lends a powerful contrast to the natural-stone and glass façades of the ensemble‘s other buildings.


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