Hörl & Hartmann brick plants investing in sustainable production

Since 2013, more than € 9 mill. have been invested by the Hörl & Hartmann brick plants, Upper Bavaria, in modern, energy-efficient plant equipment that is controlled and monitored by an intelligent energy management system. Especially the installation of a new thermoreactor for regenerative afterburning of flue gases protects both the environment and saves on operating costs. The autothermally operating flue gas purification system not only reduces energy costs, it also cuts CO2 emissions by 90 %.

State-of-the-art technology for clean air

The energy-efficient thermoreactor heats the flue gases from clay brick production to more than 800° C. A flue gas afterburning system was installed at the Unipor group member plant Hörl and Hartmann in 1993, but in recent years this had reached capacity limits. With the new system, the statutory prescribed limits are reliably met, says a delighted Michael Hörl, Technical Managing Director of the family business. The values are monitored around the clock. The hot, clean waste air is used for drying masonry bricks.

Renewable energy thanks to a wind turbine

The brothers, Michael and Matthias Hörl, hold the view that eco-products also require eco-processes in production. “Our long-term goal is CO2-neutral production at our Dachau site.” To this end, work on a wind power installation has been going on there since June. Together with the photovoltaic system on the roofs of the production facilities, it will provide up to 80 % of the plant’s required power.

Back in 2013 Hörl & Hartmann switched fuel supply at its two locations from heavy fuel oil to natural gas, cutting the CO2 emissions by 20 %. At the same time, the production plants are continually optimized with regard to their energy efficiency. For instance, since 2014 a new grinding unit has been in operation with especially energy-efficient motors. Power consumption has been reduced by around a third compared to the previous system.

Hörl & Hartmann Ziegeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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