Important aspects of new standards and directives for the clay brick and tile industry

1 DIN SPEC 1057-100 “Building materials for free-standing chimneys – Part 100: compass bricks with specific properties”

The Technical Specification (pre-standard) DIN SPEC 1057‑100 issued November 2009 applies to masonry bricks in compliance with DIN EN 771-1 that are used as compass bricks for load-bearing masonry, primarily for the construction of freestanding chimneys. Defined are requirements for compass bricks, which must be met additionally by CE-labelled masonry bricks after DIN EN 771-1 for direct use in masonry in compliance with DIN 1056. The new Technical Specifications “DIN SPEC” should replace the old pre-standards “DIN V” and can, if required, be introduced by the building authorities.

2 DIN 1053-4 “Masonry – Part 4: Prefabricated masonry compound units”

The edition dated December 2009 specifies the dimensioning, production including the assessment of conformity as well as the transport and the installation of mainly storey-high and generally room-wide prefabricated brick-built elements. These prefabricated elements include parapets and gable inclinations. The essential changes compared to DIN 1053-4:2004-02 concern the changeover of the dimensioning process to the semi-probabilistic safety concept. For the dimensioning of the prefabricated elements, the standard refers to DIN 1053-100:2007-09 and DIN 1045-1:2001‑07.Moreover composite panels are no longer included in the considerations.

3 DIN V 18599-100 “Energy efficiency of buildings”

This pre-standard dated October 2009 merely contains changes to DIN V 18599-1 to DIN V 18599-10 in respect of the energy efficiency of buildings – calculation of the useful, final and primary energy requirement for heating, cooling, ventilation, drinking and hot water...


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