In time of crisis Wienerberger Italy is investing in the future

The Italian clay brick industry had to report another severe drop in production in 2011, the clay bricks produced corresponded to half of the production volume for the year 2007. Against this background, a con­solidation in the clay brick sector is becoming apparent. Filippo de Fraja Frangipane, Vice-President and ­Operational Director, explained to us the strategy Wienerberger Italy has chosen to get through the ­crisis.

Zi: Clay brick and roofing tile production in Italy has suffered a severe decline since 2008. What is the situation at Wienerberger Italy?


F. de F. F.: Naturally, we too have been hit by the global crisis. In 2011 we produced around 439 mill. standard-size bricks. Prior to the crisis, we were producing around 30% more bricks. Of course, this has also had an impact on our sales, which fell from € 65 mill. in 2008 to € 40 mill. in 2011. It was very important to us to keep our skilled workers as far as this was possible. Despite the dramatic production declines, we have only ­reduced our...

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