Introduction to energy management acc. to ISO 50001

The requirement that energy management systems (EnMS) acc. to ISO 50001 be introduced stems from art. 41 of Germany‘s Renewable Energy Act. When the country‘s Energy and Electricity Tax Act is amended in 2013, the same requirement will also apply to the so-called peak-tax adjustment for energy-intensive companies.

This report describes the procedure and experience gained in the introduction of EnMS in the brick and tile industry and provides helpful hints for its swift, smooth implementation. Apart from the aspect of certification as a prerequisite for refunds and limitations, the only way to...

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Issue 1-2/2013

Experience gained with energy management in the brick and tile industry

1 Obligatory energy management? As of 2012, the EEG (renewable-energy) levy according to EEG §40 ff could only be limited subject to certification pursuant to either the EU‘s EMAS Directive or DIN...

Issue 11/2013

Field reports from energy management

Any plant operator in Germany wanting to benefit from tax refunds such as the Renewable Energy Act levy or surplus settlement must prove energy management at his plant. At the latest since the SpaEfV...

Issue 03/2012

Economizing potentials for more energy efficiency in industrial operations

1 Introduction In trade and industry, energy expenditures constitute a substantial cost factor. In the paper and metal processing sector, for example, energy expenditures often account for 20% to 50%...

Issue 6/2012

Certified energy management according to international standard at all Röben plants in Germany

As one of the first com panies in the structural ceramics sector, Röben Tonbaustoffe GmbH now possesses the prestigious DIN EN ISO 50001 test certificate for all its German facilities. Application...

Issue 10/2012

Schlagmann Poroton emplaces energy management system in line with ISO 50001

Schlagmann Poroton, headquartered in Zeilarn, has successfully introduced an energy management system pursuant to the internationally applicable standard specification ISO 50001 for all its...