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Alcácer do Sal retirement home

The Lisbon-based architects Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus have won the Brick Award in the category “Residential Building” with their Alcácer do...


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Dr Joachim Uebel, Director of the KI Keramik-­Institut GmbH, Meissen, welcomed the more than 80 attendees with his observation that if the ­German...


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56th Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course 2017 | 56. Würzburger Ziegellehrgang 2017

EU research project on dust

Following a few years’ respite, the subject of respirable silica dust is back on the agenda of the Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course. There are...


Drying technologies

Lippert is presenting the course of a project from the development of an appropriate drying curve to the design and engineering of a modern, fully...