New developments in die technology

Rising requirements of customers for the quality of “brick” products mean for modern brickworks increasing efforts and consequently growing production costs. To that end, clay preparation equipment and extruders, for example, have been optimized. In the meantime the clay blends used – often with addition of bought-in clays – have been adapted to the specific products and especially to the sizes produced. Equally, the drying curve and firing control in the tunnel kiln have been improved substantially and are now more efficient. The supplier of shaping components such as dies and pressure heads,...

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Issue 12/2013

Energy saving processes for brick shaping

1 Introduction and objective As the clay brick and tile industry is one of the most energy-intensive industries and energy costs account for a very high percentage of the cost of the finished product,...

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Recycling of waste-based materials in the clay brick industry

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Beralmar equips Algerian brickworks

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Otto Staudacher Brickworks starts operation of second brick filling installation

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