Tondach delivers first batch of roofing products for the Sochi Olympia project

Over a year ago, Tondach Gleinstätten AG was awarded a contract for the supply of roofing material for the “Gornaya ­Carousel” Olympia project – one of the biggest 2014 ­Olympic Games development projects in the mountainous “­Krasnaya Polyana” region.

As stipulated by the agreement, the roof tiles were produced on time and with the defined surface finish. In early September, some 265 000 roof tiles, including the appropriate accessory tiles, were loaded onto 46 trucks.

The total roof area of 160 000 m2 is to be covered with diverse Tondach products, including vents, ridge tiles, snowcatchers and other rooftop accessories, all of matching design. The main roof expanses will be done up in the Venus model, sized 29 x 48.5 cm (requiring approx. 11 pcs./m2) in two different shades of colour. Tondach developed the Venus collection in multiple stages and in close cooperation with Russia‘s responsible team of architects, the general contractor and the roofing contractor. Every Tondach roof tile carries the unique “Sochi 2014” stamp on its back.

The Olympia 2014 workscope also will include the rehabilitation of existing buildings in the Sochi region. The roof of the “Peak” hotel in Krasnaya Polyana, for example, is to receive a general overhaul. Its roughly 6 500 m2 will be redone in red engobed plain tiles by Tondach.


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