Machining cycles will be automated by the end of 2024

The mechanical workshops of the small medium industry have always been a driving force of the Italian economy. The mix of tradition and innovation characterizing the all-Italian approach to the products manufacture have determined its global recognition.

Today, the greatest difficulties in Europe are to find specialized staff: workshop and construction mechanics have become rare goods, more than engineers. Keeping most of the production cycle in-house is becoming increasingly difficult. Bongioanni has always considered himself a producer, not a mere „assembler“ of machine parts built by third parties and wants to remain such.

It is with these assumptions that the Bongioanni in Fossano has embarked on a renewal path that passes through the revamping of the major machining centres in the scope of 4.0.

Reduction in production time

The advantages deriving from the use of this technology allow to benefit from technologically updated personnel suitably supported by the expert staff for the development of the work cycles, thus achieving a substantial reduction in production time and business planning.

Bongioanni’s goal is to automate most of the machining cycles by the end of 2024. For this reason it has launched a restructuring program that is not limited to the revamping of the present work centres and the implementation of management systems, but to a change into a production philosophy capable of maintaining the position of leadership as a manufacturer of brick machines, being by now rare in the sector the companies able to produce a machine internally, without outsourcing most of the production processes, which is essential for a correct quality control of the product.


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