Thomas Bader, owner and Managing Director of Leipfinger Bader Ziegelwerke, Vatersdorf

The customer is the driving force for our development

For around 150 years, the family-run brick company Leipfinger Bader Ziegelwerke has produced clay masonry bricks and blocks – now in the fifth generation. Processes and products have been steadily refined and now include high-thermal-insulation clay blocks filled with insulating material. In 2016 the brickworks hosted the Zi student field trip. At this event, we spoke to Thomas Bader, owner and Managing Director of Leipfinger Bader Ziegelwerke, about his family company.

Your own career at Leipfinger Bader began in 2006. Was joining your parents’ company the obvious move for you?

When you grow up in a family company like ours, it is clear that you will join the company at some point. I studied ceramics at Höhr-Grenzhausen and having completed that course, I followed it up by studying business administration in Cologne. Then in 2006, at the age of 32, I joined my parents’ company. It is a great honour to continue operating a company with such a long tradition.


Leipfinger Bader produces at three sites, the main plant at Vatersdorf, as well as the plants at...

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