Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co.KG

At this year‘s bauma Eirich will present the intensive mixers type R12W and R16 in the new design series that was started at the last bauma with type R12. Overall, the constructional improvements, that had been implemented at type R12 for the first time, have well-proven in practice with significant benefits for the operating conditions.

The inclined mixing vessel and the lateral protection hood are the new distinctive features of this design. At the R12W the mixing tools can be lifted along with the cover of mixing vessel. As a result, cleaning of the entire mixing zone is quite easy and the mixing tools are very simple to change. This mixing technology in contrast to all other mixing systems allows to adjust the speed of the tools of between 2 m/s up to far more than 30 m/s optionally to the respective product. It is therefore possible to control the power input into the mixture within broad limits. The Eirich intensive mixers are used for batchwise and continuous operation modes. The field of application ranges from the “simple” mixing task to the preparation of complex mixtures with components that might be extremely different in bulk density and consistence. The presentation will be rounded up by new offers for the worldwide service and the Eirich Lifecycle Service.


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