New Braas PV storage unit for intelligent energy management

Braas is updating its range in solar systems with a new PV storage unit. With this unit, Braas is presenting a logical addition to its complete roofing system: thanks to the PV storage unit, energy generated with the Braas PV Premium and PV Indax photovoltaic systems but not immediately used no longer has to be fed into the power grid. The energy can be used when required later by the roof owner. The system uses either energy direct from the photovoltaic system or additionally uses power from the storage unit. Only when these two sources are exhausted is energy drawn from the public power grid. Braas has the exclusive sales rights for the new energy storage system from Mercedes-Benz in the roofing trade.

The battery modules consist of 2.5 kWh storage units and can be increased to 20 kWh. Thanks to the powerful lithium ion technology, excess solar power can be buffered virtually without loss. The dimensioning of the PV storage unit depends on the size of the installed PV system and complements existing PV systems. Thanks to its compact design and the weight of only 35 kilograms per storage unit, the Braas PV storage unit can be easily handled. It is available as a wall-mounted or standing model, enabling flexible use. The PV storage unit also impresses with the usual high safety standards and an up to 15-year replacement guarantee.

Braas GmbH

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