New Steildach-Tours 2022

In the past two years, travelling was restricted due to the pandemic. This prompted many people to put out their feelers outside their own front door. Instead of using planes, cars and trains, people took to bicycles or even explored their surroundings on foot – with positive effects on their own carbon footprint. The Steildach/Dachkult initiative took this as an opportunity to publish excursion tips for bicycle tours to architectural sights for the first time on its Instagram channel in July 2021. After a winter break, the Steildach tour is now entering its second round with destinations in Stuttgart, Munich or Lübeck.

Story-Highlights on Instagram

Whether it‘s a museum, a town hall, a residential quarter or an office building: all the buildings on the Steildach-Tour have the pitched roof in common as a key design feature. Small maps roughly outline the routes through cities or regions such as the Ruhr or the Thuringian Forest. In the story highlights on Instagram, users can permanently find out about the individual stops and their location so that they can follow the routes by bike or on foot. In addition to iconic new buildings such as the Kunsthalle Portikus in Frankfurt am Main by Mäckler Architekten, the tours also lead past historic buildings such as the old salt warehouse in Lübeck, which has shaped its surroundings since the 16th century.


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