Patents December 2012

more patents: see german part

1. Roof structure, fixture for solar cell module, and method for installing solar cell module

2. Ceramic composition with frost resistance and process for preparing therof

3. Roof tile

4. Methods of preparing red clay processed material and alkali ionized water

5. Insulation brick

6. Set of transition tiles for framing a roof element in a roof cladding

7. Attachment device for a solar tile


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Patents January 2012

More patents: See german part. 1. Glue and coating for recfractory materials and ceramic 2. Photovoltaic cell module tile 3. Joint mortar especially for shaped clinker bricks 4. Interlockable...

Issue 2011-10

An innovation for integrated roof accoutrements: Röben‘s “solar docking tile”

Engineers at the Röben roof tile factory in Brüggen have come up with a special docking tile for in-roof solar energy systems on tile roofs, where the topmost row of roof tiles under a dormer, a...


Patents August 2011

1. A kind of construction material for hollow brick or hollow integral backboard, which can regulate teh temperature of the building spontaneously 2. Dispositif de fixation de panneaux solairessur...


Patents November 2012

1. Brick coupling system 2. Method of trimming unfired pottery using a turntable apparatus 3. Solar cell roof tiles 4. Brick laying jig