Patents June 2011

More patents: see german part

1. Paving/brick unit with integrated lighting system

2. Crusher mill

3. Slurry compostion

4. Building elements and building system using such elements

5. Refractory wall for a combustion furnace

6. Measuring insert for measuring temperatures

7. Core pulling moulding device of preasure-type hollow brick machine

8. Method and apparatus for manufacturing a brick wall and a brick wall structure

9. Composition for Coating

10. A kiln for slabs made of a ceramic material


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Patents February 2014

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Patents December 2011

More patents: see german part. 1. Pan tile/roofing tile/ facade element with integrated solar module 2. Roof tile provided with solar cells 3. Ceramic article imaging process and and materials 4....


Patents April 2012

1. Tunnel kiln and burner for firing bricks 2. Masonry wall panel for retaining bricks 3. Glue and coating for refractory materials and ceramics 4. Ceramic honeycomb structure with applied...

Issue 04/2023

Non-destructive measurement of refractory lining thickness

StratoTest 4500C from ElektroPhysik significantly facilitates lining thickness measurement in industrial kilns in the brick and tile industry With the StratoTest 4500C lining thickness gauge from...


Patents September 2013

1. Mixture for making brick 2. Glaze slurry 3. Engobe 4. Building brick comprising a porous material, the microstructure of which is controlled by the addition of a nucleating agent during the...