Renovation of a heritage-listed residential building

The City of Vienna chose a solar roof tile for a heritage-listed residential building.

Absolute impermeability and preservation of the cityscape coupled with maximum energy efficiency: such were the criteria stated by the Vienna municipal magistrate’s office for the new roof modification on a 20th-century property item with a complicated roofscape, the idea being to integrate a photovoltaic array as inconspicuously as possible into a ceramic-tiled roof.

The chosen system satisfies all those requirements. The roof tile, with its integrated solar module, combines traditional values with high-quality photovoltaic technology. Thanks to the combination of ceramic roof tiles and prefabricated parts, the system was quick and easy to install.

All told, some 1 000 adjustable flat tiles and 230 solar modules were put on. The roof’s rated solar output of 5 908 kWp generates an annual 6 130 kWh. The employed adjustable flat solar tiles demonstrate how high-quality photovoltaic technology and aesthetics are not only compatible, but also can contribute significantly to the preservation of city- and townscapes.

Photo:  Gasser Ceramic, Rapperswil BE/Switzerland


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