Sabo builds for SARL BGO Touggourt

Sabo S.A. is a company known for finding solutions to meet almost every requirement and building plants to order.

That is also the case for the new BGO plant, the first project phase of which started in October 2016. The client, Sadoudi Laid, contracted Sabo S.A. to develop an especially demanding technical solution. The layout of the new plant comprises two production lines, each one for 800 t/day fired bricks, in a relatively limited space. 1 600 t/day clay is to be prepared. The project is to be completed in two phases.

A rapid dryer with 64 setters (6 m wide and 1.1 m long) is used to assure the contractually agreed production rate. The dryer is almost identical to the dryers that Sabo S.A. has already installed in other factories, but with some small yet important improvements resulting in better air circulation and control of the process.

The setting machine used was redesigned for operation in a smaller space. Nevertheless, robots are used as these have proven to be a problem-free solution in all the factories in which they have been used so far.

The kiln car measures 6.8 m in width and 4.2 m in length with 18 packs, each of which is 1.80 m high. To achieve the contractually agreed production capacity, the pushing time is about twelve minutes for the B08 and just under ten minutes for the B12. The kiln is more than 150 m long to ensure that the bricks remain in the firing zone for sufficient time. The kiln is equipped with a redesigned system for the recuperation of energy, not only from the actual tunnel of the kiln but also from under the kiln cars and the kiln ceiling. This ensures better energy consumption, which results in savings for the client.

The packaging line was also redesigned to accommodate three packaging lines, two of which creating packets with strapping and holes for a forklift to handle. The third line allows the client to sell his products piece by piece for loading on smaller lorries.

Sabo S.A.


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