Schlagmann Poroton –
specialist for perlite-stuffed thermal blocks

Schlagmann Poroton will be presenting their largest-ever assortment of stuffed clay masonry units for energy efficient newbuilds and for the sustainable renovation of old building stock.


Poroton-S9: New clay block for residential and non‑residential­ construction

The designation “Poroton-S“ stands for acoustically optimized clay masonry units designed for use in buildings with superior soundproofing. A 36.5 cm-thick Poroton-S9 wall has a sound transmission index of Rw, const., ref = 49.2 dB ­coupled with a heat transfer coefficient of h = 0.23 W/m2K. At the Schlagmann stand, Poroton-S9 will be flanked by Poroton-S10 and -S11. All category-S units satisfy both the criteria of DIN 4109 (the German sound insulation standard) and the requirements of the German Building Energy Conservation Ordinance.

An array of Poroton-T clay masonry units will also be on display, ranging from Poroton-T7 with its K-factor of 0.07 W/mK to Poroton-T9, each of them in all conventional wall thicknesses from 30.0 to 49.0 cm.


Poroton-WDF: Insulate the sustainable way!

In 2009, Schlagmann Poroton marketed a sustainable form of insulation for existing walls: Poroton-WDF, the first ­ceramic heat-retaining façade. Poroton-WDF comes in two different versions: the 18 cm-wide unit for normal exterior insulation cases, and a more slender, 12 cm-wide variant for use as ­interior insulation.

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