Schlagmann Poroton: Innovative masonry solutions for new building and refurbishment

For even more reliable design and construction, Schlagmann Poroton presents the Poroton-S8 a thermal insulating clay block specially perfected for housing construction with high energy standards. The Poroton-S8 is the optimum clay block for housing construction from KfW Efficiency House 70 standard. In a single leaf, with a thermal conductivity of 0.08 W/(mK), in the wall thicknesses 36.5, 42.5 and – for the first time in response to the high demand – 49 cm, it easily meets the requirements of EnEV 2014 as well as the recommendations for increased sound insulation in compliance with DIN 4109 for multi-storey housing construction.
With the Poroton edge beam infilling block, simple and safe construction of the slab support in compliance with Eurocode 6 and Supplement 2 to DIN 4108 (λ < 0.06 W/(mK)) is guaranteed. The exterior surface of a 15-mm-thick, high-porosity U-shaped clay block provides a homogeneous and secure surface for rendering. In addition, an insulation of Neopor WLG 032 with an additional soft coating absorbs movement of the slab and minimizes sound transfer to the slab support. The system component with a length of 50 cm and a thickness of 12 cm is supplied in various element heights between 18 and 34 cm.
Completely new is the WDF Block 80 with the width of just 8 cm. With a thermal insulation value of just 0.065 W/(mK), existing walls with a U value of, for example, 1.0 W/(m2K) can be improved to a heat transfer coefficient of 0.42 W/(m2K). The dimensions of 50 to 24.9 cm make fast installation possible. Levelling blocks, optimized tools and accessories such as consoles, wall plugs or mortar sledges round off the facade system, accelerate the work process and improve the finished result. The heat-retaining filling consists of mineral perlite.
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