“Energy-saving master” Poroton-T6.5 new in the portfolio

Schlagmann Poroton is widening its portfolio with the addition of the newly developed “Poroton-T6.5”. The surface-ground vertically perforated clay block with integrated perlite insulation and a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.065 W/mK is available in the wall thicknesses 36.5 and 42.5 cm. It is the ideal product for building modern, energy-saving KfW-40 houses.

With the Poroton-T6.5, Schlagmann Poroton is expanding also its product range of clay blocks produced in a climate-neutral process, which enable the construction or refurbishment of climate-neutral buildings. Numerous certificates from well-known environmental labels have proven the ecologically important and healthy-living properties of the perlite-filled Poroton clay blocks.

Schlagmann Poroton


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