Steamed facing bricks with clinker quality

The brickworks Ziegel- und Klinkerwerke Janinhoff and Ringofenwerk Gillrath have been making “steamed facing bricks” with absolute clinker quality for more than 15 years, according to the two companies.

Characteristic of these extraordinary products are the grey to black shades obtained in a special firing process, which depending on the colour of the base brick body enables an almost unlimited selection of highly individual product assortments. This applies both to all extruded products and the original waterstruck bricks, which are produced in a wide range of different sizes to long formats at the respective locations.

The special production process requires the use of sophisticated special kilns which only very few selected manufacturers actually have in their plants. “According to the motto ‘IF YOU CAN`T MAKE IT, FAKE IT’, with sometimes untrue claims, the quality and sustainability of these products are questioned and an unqualified attempt is made to propagate engobed brick bodies or bodies coloured with additives as being especially innovative and sustainable,” the two managing directors Hubertus Foyer (Janinhoff) and Heinz Gillrath (Gillrath) have observed.


Sustainable production thanks to speciality kilns

They stress: “We at Janinhoff and Gillrath, both over 100 year-old family businesses, attach great value to the observation that the production of our special, steamed products with their distinctive unique features in our plants is not associated with expensive repackaging, the use of additional films or additional distances. The quality corresponds, demonstrably undiminished, to a clinker body, while sustainability during the firing process is guaranteed with the use of state-of-the-art special kiln technology, a combined heating system or dedicated heat recovery. Family tradition obliges us to continue producing genuine and true products in the future, too.”


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