Successful acceptance of the Pobeda LSR Plant in Russia

W ith the acceptance of the production facility for backing bricks of OAO Pobeda LSR, another large-scale Lingl project has gone into production in Russia. The flexible equipment in the new plant allows for the production of six brick types, from standard size 2.1 to standard size 14.3. The production of pored large-size blocks is realized in compliance with the latest requirements with regard to product quality according to European standards.

OAO Pobeda LSR belongs to the LSR Group based in Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1993, the LSR Group, which is listed on the stock exchange, has specialized in challenging structural engineering projects. The buildings erected by the LSR group not only include domestic and industrial buildings but also public buildings which comply with the latest standards based on cooperation with internationally active architects. Belonging to the Holding, the company Pobeda LSR, which produces the ceramic building materials required by the LSR Group, was constituted in 2005 by uniting the three brickworks Pobeda, Keramika and Lenstroykeramika. All kinds of ceramic bricks are manufactured by these brickworks. Pobeda LSR for instance was the first company in Russia to produce large-size pored bricks and launch them on the Russian market under its own trademark “Rauf”.

The Lingl scope of supply includes all machine and plant components as well as the control system for wet and dry side, setting installation, unloading and packing. A universal cutter is used for cutting large-size blocks whereas the small sizes are produced by means of a belt harp. The dryer cars are loaded with a loading rake. The drying time in the continuous dryer of solid design, equipped with rotary fans, is 24 h. Two setting robots are used for charging the kiln cars, ensuring flexible and careful charging. The tunnel kiln has been designed for a capacity of 700 t/day, which corresponds to a plant capacity of 120 mill. standard sizes per year. Unloading and packing is realized by a robot installation. The flexible equipment allows for both the strapping of the transport packs and, alternatively, wrapping with film. In addition to the plant networking, maintenance software as well as a tracking system for tunnel kiln cars and a manager info system are utilized for the acquisition of the complete operation and energy data. The data from preparation and shaping is also acquired and evaluated by these systems.

All contractually guaranteed data for machine capacities and the quality of the process engineering have been complied with at the acceptance of the plant. The values of energy consumption were even below the guaranteed low values.

All fixed dates of the schedule were met and the lost time caused by a fire in the customer’s sawdust preparation plant could be made up. The 100% performance test with two sizes permitted the official plant acceptance of the project in Saint Petersburg on 15 May in the presence of the project manager of LSR Pobeda, Ms Korepanova, and Lingl’s project manager, Michael Offner, as well as the project sales manager, Rudolf Michel.


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