TCKI confirms high quality of Sooneck clay

The Stichting Technisch Centrum voor de Keramische Industrie (TCKI), an international technical centre for the ceramics industry, has confirmed the high quality of Sooneck clay. Sooneck clay is extracted at the quartzite quarry in Trechtingshausen on the River Rhine. The quarry and Sooneck clay take their name from the neighbouring castle, Burg Sooneck.

The quarry operator Hartsteinwerke Sooneck GmbH is part of the Netherlands-based de Beijer Group, TCKI is also located in Velp, in the Netherlands. For over 60 years, the TCKI has been an independent research institute and competence centre as well as a consultancy for the processing of mineral resources and for the building materials manufactured from these in the ceramics industry.

“Since 1963, the year in which de Beijer started up operation at Sooneck Quarry as its leaseholder, we have attached the utmost importance to ensuring the highest quality of the products,“ says mining engineer Dr Willem Douw, Operations Manager at Sooneck Quarry.


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