Tecnofiliere energy efficiency laboratory – Tecnoenergy

Tecnoenergy is a study that Tecnofiliere has conducted to improve energy efficiency during the extrusion process.

Brick dies and heavy clay extrusion in general is the core business for Tecnofiliere. For this specific field, Tecnofiliere has developed a solution to improve the energy efficiency. The philosophy of Tecnofiliere is to find ways to optimize the clay flow and reduce energy consumption during extrusion. To achieve this, Tecnofiliere has developed a pressure head with polymer liner with which the power consumption can be reduced by up to 25%, depending on the clay, which is a natural material with varying composition. The following results have been achieved:

Energy consumption is influenced by a better clay flow and a considerable reduction in tension during extrusion

The extruder can work at a lower speed because there is less friction and clay flow is much smoother

All the suppliers to the heavy clay world should concentrate on building more energy-efficient brickmaking plants to shape and improve the future of the industry: “The strength of this sector is its energy efficiency”.

Marcello Beghelli, Tecnofiliere S.R.L


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