The Lingl service concept based on the example of the switchover to the new TIA portal

The new TIA portal from Siemens will replace the Siemens hardware (S5/S7) and software in the medium term. Finding the right time for the switchover is one of the challenges for plant operators over the next few years. In the talk, following the core service principle, all types of services that Lingl offers with regard to the changeover to the TIA portal will be explained. The following aspects will be discussed:

Discontinuation of existing products and the supply of replacement parts for these

New products

Sharing of basic knowledge

Plant check

Whether and when is a switchover advisable?

Different variants for a switchover

Compiling training concepts

Review of existing maintenance and servicing equipment

Bernd Braun, Markus Martl,

Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Krumbach


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