The Wave

Situated right by the Vejle Fjord in Denmark, the sweeping shape of “The Wave” is a metaphor for the surrounding natural environment. Paraphrasing classic white modernist buildings, “The Wave” is covered in white ceramic tiles. By using white clay tiles for the immense shape, the architects have created a surface which reflects light. The architects wanted to use a solid and genuine material, and the tiles provided them with all new possibilities for creating the sculptural façades and roofs, while simultaneously basing the design on standard construction modules. Applied on a system of vertical profiles, the tiles are lifted from the roof structure, creating good ventilation of the façade. This also means different visual experiences: From afar the surface looks like one continuous white wave, while you are able to make out each tile once you get up close. The 300 by 1 200 mm ceramic tiles were chosen in order to create a surface that would stand the test of time. The durable tiles effectively reject debris, and the surface will still be white and beautiful even when a little dirty.

The project was nominated for the “Wienerberger Brick Award 2012” and is featured in the bilingual book “Brick ‘12 - Award winning International Brick Architecture”.


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