“Via Ceramica“: On the trails of the old Romans

A special park trilogy has been created on former farmland for Baden-Württemberg‘s 2018 State Garden Festival tooking place in Lahr/Black Forest, on the western fringe of the city‘s appropriately termed Lahrer Westen residential community.
  With “Via Ceramica“, the Vicus Municipal Gardens complex situated within Citizens Park has a genuine historical highlight to offer. Modelled on the course of the old Roman road, a path meandering through the former Roman settlement was built here to run parallel with the adjoining highway. Its clinker paving is reminiscent of other works of clay stemming from that era.

Leading in along the city‘s main artery, “Via Ceramica“ traverses the Lake Park bridge as the key element of the municipal gardens. Four metres wide, it winds its way through Citizens Park from the city-end entrance in the north to the southern entrance nearly 280 metres away. The clayey hues of the employed paving bricks go very well with old Roman architecture. With its historical reference to the Roman settlement, the claim of Lahr‘s State Garden Festival “Lahr is growing, living, moving!“ was translated into Latin and stamped onto 150 pavers: “Larum Crescit“, “Larum Vivit“, “Larum Movet“. Thus, visitors strolling along “Via Ceramica“ can also soak up some inspiration from the past.

club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Hagemeister GmbH & Co. KG,
Nottuln/Florian Selig

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