Ziegelwerk Erbersdobler cooperates with Mein Ziegelhaus

Mein Ziegelhaus (My Brick House), the alliance comprising six manufacturers of clay masonry bricks and blocks, has been in existence for around twelve years. Above all, the continuous product development of the so-called MZ blocks has made a key contribution to the common success of the alliance of medium-sized enterprises. Ziegelwerk Erbersdobler, the brickworks based in Fürstenzell near Passau in Germany, will now be cooperating with Mein Ziegelhaus.

“This cooperation will strengthen both parties and contribute to a continuous exchange of experience. Our customers profit from high-quality products at reasonable prices”, says Dipl.-Ing. Hans R. Peters, Managing Director at Mein Ziegelhaus.

Ziegelwerk Erbersdobler in Lower Bavarian Fürstenzell was founded in 1892 and is a leading brick manufacturer in regional market today. With over 40 employees, a production capacity of 100 mill. standard-format bricks is achieved per year. Erbersdobler’s philosophy is clear: “Innovation and tradition play a prominent role for us, as do customer-oriented service and providing all-round competent advice on the use of the products. With our continuous investment in manufacturing technology, we are committed to our Lower Bavarian base in Fürstenzell”, says Managing Director Florian Erbersdobler.


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