New Equipment for Wienerberger‘s Serbian roof tile plant

Wienerberger doo Kanjiza, based in Kanjiza (Serbia) and part of the Wienerberger Group, one of the largest European manufacturers of roofing and building tiles with no less than 200 companies, has decided to place its trust in Bongioanni Stampi for the upgrade of the two existing double moulding presses in order to equip its roof tile line with new large format products.

„Continental 9“ and „Twist 9“

At the express request of the customer and in close cooperation with their planning office, Bongioanni Stampi designed the two basic roof tiles „Continental 9“ and „Twist 9“. As is customary in the company, in the course of realising the design requested by the customer, all the joints to which the roof tiles are subjected during the production cycle were checked in parallel: Placement on the drying frames, placement on the H-boxes, packaging for storage and transport. The inspection also included the basic assembly on the roof to ensure the perfect sealing of the roof tiles against the weather.

All this was done in consideration of the customer‘s wish to continue the production of the previous, smaller models. This additional „touch point“ of the project required further special studies to ensure the mountability of all new and existing mouldings on the presses. The necessary cross-checks were carried out by Bongioanni Macchine‘s technical department, which is able to perform 3D simulations of the moulding process. The tools required for this had to be specially made.

„The basis for our successful work was the long experience of our two companies and the synergy resulting from the possibility of combining the competences of our respective technical departments, to the full benefit of the projects proposed by our customers from time to time. This is because both companies and departments, although separate entities, belong to one umbrella company - a fact that is now unique in our industry,“ says a Bongioanni spokesperson.

Moulds and Presses

In addition to the basic tiles, all the moulds for the production of the corresponding accessory tiles were also supplied, which are a natural complement for the marketing and execution of high-quality roofing: smooth initial ridge tiles, end ridge tiles, ventilation tiles, half-spiral tiles and right and left gables.

In addition, at the request of the customer, Bongioanni Macchine has upgraded the two 13PV-G presses. The mechanical parts, especially those subject to greater wear, have been reworked. In addition, the machines have been adapted to accommodate larger moulds. In this context, a modification was also made to the gallette charge line. For this purpose, the following were supplied:

No. 1 TGLDS cutter, single knife, double overlap line, complete with electrical control and latest generation SEW technology.

No. 2 automatic wafer loaders type AC8P, each with eight belts, with launcher suitable for use with inverters to optimise loading speeds, double lung, pneumatically operated reject.

The latter changes were discussed and developed in consultation with the customer, in particular to be able to use larger clay cakes suitable for the new models and at the same time optimise the consumption of the clay masses used, in line with a modern, contemporary rationalisation of energy consumption.

„Even in these last aspects, Bongioanni proves once again that it is capable of meeting the requirements of such an important customer. This is only possible thanks to the preparation and collaboration of all the players involved, from the synergy of our technical departments with the production departments to the direct and constant relationship with the customer on the various aspects of the projects under development,“ explains the company spokesperson, adding: „Bongioanni Macchine would also like to thank the project managers R. Reckeki, A. Pietrzak, L. Sanders, whose professionalism has enabled our company to deliver an excellent work performance.“


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