ECTS Virtual Ceramic Technology exhibition from June 22-24, 2021

Photo/Foto: ECTS

Photo/Foto: ECTS
The ECTS Virtual Ceramic Technology exhibition from June 22-24, 2021, promises to present a lot of new information on more climate-friendly brick production. An Innovation Center has been set up specifically for this purpose.

On the way to climate neutrality, decarbonisation plays a major role in the brick and tile industry. In the new Innovation Center, the manufacturers of the machines and systems needed for this will show developments and products that are not yet on the market or have only recently been released. A highlight of this year's virtual event, for which numerous European exhibitors have registered.

The programme offers information on the installation of dual firing with synthesis gas in the tunnel kiln or shows how the user can save energy and up to 40 percent CO2 with a combination of different fuels. One company will present a CO2-neutral high-performance insulating material for moulded parts, another for tunnel kiln cars. The kiln car energy-saving calculator is also likely to meet with great interest. Visitors can also look forward to news about digitalised manufacturing processes.

The following exhibitors will be taking part: Beralmar, Bongioanni, Cleia, De Boer, Forgestal, Händle, Hellmich, Refratechnik, Rieter Morando, Sabo, Tecnofiliere, Teide, Verdés, VHV Anlagenbau. Messe München with Ceramitec is the conceptual partner of this ECTS exhibition.

European Ceramic Technology Suppliers - ECTS

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