19.11.2009 News: Indian Ceramics 2010

Following a surge in interest after the Ceramitec exhibition in Munich, Germany, the organisers of Indian Ceramics 2010 (Gattaca Communications) have revealed that the show next March now has offers on over 80% of its available space.

"We are currently negotiating to extend the exhibition area if at all possible" says Kevin Hudson, exhibition director, "and are hopeful that we can come to an agreement with the venue in that regard" he adds. "At the current time, the offers that have been issued to potential exhibitors exceed the space available, and we are in the position of having to move to a first-come, first-served situation".

Since its inception in 2006, the Indian Ceramics series of exhibitions has grown year-on-year, but since relocating back to Gujarat in 2008, the event has really taken off.

"Outside of Ceramics China, this is arguably now the most important machinery and raw materials event of its kind" continues Hudson, "since it positions those trying to sell their goods and services right in the heart of one of the most dynamic manufacturing districts currently around."

Clearly, in the current climate, exhibitors are much more amenable to putting themselves in front of potential customers, rather than expecting their customers to come looking for them. Certainly the slowdown in visitors to European shows in the last few years would tend to bear this fact out.

"It is not just the traditional, whiteware ceramic side that has seen so much interest this time out either" says Hudson "as we have seen a real uptake in the heavy clay exhibitor numbers too. The message is clear: India remains open for business, and if companies don't take the chance to get on board now, they may miss the boat forever."

Gujarat is not just a focal point for Indian manufacturers (accounting for over 70% of the country's output), but is increasingly a destination favoured by international companies seeking OEM opportunities and outsourcing partners.

"The fact that Lufthansa unveiled a direct flight to Ahmedabad earlier this year" adds Hudson "is another indication of the growing importance that this particular State has from an economic point of view. Gujarat is booming, and that can only be great news for all those connected with any aspect of industry" he concludes.

To secure one of the few remaining spaces at Indian Ceramics 2010, contact: email: enquiry@gattacaltd.com
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3239 5572
Fax: +44 (0) 1538 398987
Skype: gattacaltd1
Or visit  www.indian-ceramics.com  for more details

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