First project for Sabo S.A in Turkey: Kilsan

In November 2010, Kilsan, one of the largest brickmakers in Turkey, contracted Sabo S.A . to build a new rapid dryer, designed to produce 600 t hollow clay blocks per day.

The project included a new cutting line with slug cutter and multi-wire cutter. The cutters are equipped with wire-advancing devices to minimize stoppages due to wire breakage, resulting in higher efficiency. The cutting line also incorporates a cutting mechanism for programmable half cut.

The automatic loading-unloading of the suspended dryer cars was implemented with a system comprising a roller conveyor, pusher, and moving tray. The moving tray is regularly sprayed with oil by means of an automatic system to ensure the products slide off it easily and consequently minimize deformations. Sabo S.A. also provided the automatic handling system for the dryer cars. Finally, the line includes an exit roller conveyor and a chain bench equipped with alignment mechanisms to align the bricks in rows and transport them towards the conveyors that feed the existing setting machine.

The new dryer was equipped with a modern automatic control and monitoring system that automatically regulates the production of the dryer and ensures high-quality drying while minimizing energy consumption. With regard to the reduction of the energy consumption, all the motors used in the project comply with the new European directives Eff1.

Apart from the above supplies Sabo provided the engineering necessary to complete the project such as the dryer metal structure and the metal structure of the suspended cars. Sabo advised the customer with regard to the connection of the dryer to utilize heat recovered from the installed kiln.

From the start, the dryer structure was designed to meet Kilsan’s special requirements, the lower gallery being arranged at zero level. In this way the cost of the foundations was minimized and the implementation and construction time was considerably shortened. Other special features of the dryer also include a well-designed efficient input of air and a cleaning system.

All the necessary equipment was supplied in less than five months while the installation and commissioning of the automation system and dryer equipment were realized in a period of less than two months.

The quality and capacity standards that Kilsan set for this project have been fully met.


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