Sabo S.A. & Ladrillos Fortes: A Reliable Cooperation!

In 2014, Sabo S.A. and Ladrillos Fortes signed a contract for a new complete plant project in the city of Lima, Peru. The project target was 500 tons per day of all the different bricks and hollow blocks that you can find in the Peruvian market. As anyone could understand, not a long time after that the customer came back to Sabo to ask for new projects. This time the client assigned to Sabo three new projects in different locations.  

One of these projects was to improve the plant in Trujillo in the north of Peru. The project consisted of a modern cutting and loading line directly onto the kiln cars. The production had to rise to 500 tons per day for stone types Techo 15, Techo 12, Panderreta, and King Kong. The line should be able to handle both blocks and bricks.  Furthermore, the line had to be able to handle Techo 15 and Techo 12 in both horizontal and vertical format. After cutting the bricks had to be loaded directly on a kiln car instead of passing through an independent dryer.   

So, the proposal was to start with a slug pre-cutter, leading to a robust side cutter that could work with both stiff and wet extrusion.  The cutter was fitted with a double harp allowing the line to work continuously without stopping in case there is a breakage of the wires.

This harp has the ability to automatically move aside for a new harp to take its place, allowing for an immediate change of harp and for the cutter to continue cutting the brick pieces without the necessity to stop the operation and wait until someone replaces the broken wires.

For the loading of the kiln car it was decided to go with some modern technology so a Fanuc robot of 700 kg load capacity was installed. Automation included the latest programming bench that Sabo has used in many different projects in the USA and Latin America in the last 4-5 years giving the clients the ability to work with many different bricks and formats. A drag and separation system was added with a fully new design with the target not to cause any type of mark or wear on the bricks.

Extra care was given to the safety features of this installation. Fences, light beams, and controlled access were very important aspects of this project. The safety of the operators was a priority and must be a priority for any project anywhere in the world. 

The result was exactly what was promised, designed, and delivered to the customer. The installation finished as planned and Sabo would like to thank Ladrillos Fortes for their help to achieve this target. It is very important to deliver what you promise.


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