Ladrillos Fortaleza chooses rapid drying solutions from Sacmi Heavy Clay

With a new rapid rack dryer capable of efficiently handling a total output of some 700 t bricks a day, the Peruvian firm Ladrillos Fortaleza is taking another step in its corporate modernization plans. Thanks to state-of-the-art European technology, the products of Ladrillos Fortaleza are present in all the main
cities of this South American country.

Further confirmation, then, of the growing success of ­Sacmi Heavy Clay in Peru. With its in-depth understanding of the local market, the Italian machine engineering company has provided Ladrillos Fortaleza with a rational, efficient solution meeting the exacting product quality and strength standards.

Installation of the new 58‑rack dryer, complete with automatic loading and unloading systems, began at the end of 2014; the dryer is expected to become operational by the end of summer 2015. In addition to the standard machine automatisms, this order also includes automated solutions for stacking the products on the cars of the existing tunnel kiln – a task currently done manually – thus allowing Ladrillos Fortaleza to achieve even better results in terms of cost optimization and enhanced line efficiency.

Sacmi Imola S.c.r.l.


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