Ladrillos Lark – a satisfied customer with efficient solutions

In Peru, rapid growth and a market characterized by extensive structural change are forcing major players in the heavy clay industry to adapt and modernize their plants.

Ladrillos Lark, one of Peru‘s leading brick producers, recently asked Ceric for its support in realizing a second project. After building Peru‘s first Ceric rapid dryer, the French plant supplier has now automated the setting equipment in Ladrillos Lark’s two production lines, which have a combined production capacity of 800 t/day.

This project encompassed a number of challenges: the equipment had to be compatible with the customer‘s production processes and a wide range of products (over ten different product types, hollow blocks and slabs, plaster products, facing bricks, etc.), as well as meeting technical specifications for two rapid dryers.

In addition to reducing production costs, Ladrillos Lark wanted to maintain a high rapid drying quality level and reduce the wastage caused by product handling. The three automatic setting lines installed by Ceric ensure uniform setting, thereby enhancing firing quality and optimizing air flow around the products.

The team of Ceric Technologies leveraged their skills and experience to meet a complex challenge to the customer’s full satisfaction!


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