Thermal Analysis with optical equipment from Expert System Solutions

Expert System Solutions is a leading manufacturer of optical laboratory equipment for thermal analysis. The company’s Misura product line consists of:
› Optical dilatometers for contactless thermomechanical measurements for determination of the thermal expansion, Tg and Ts temperatures, and sintering behaviour of materials
› Heating microscopes for studying the softening/melting behaviour of materials during a heating process
› Optical fleximeters for bending and bending speed analysis without application of loads. It studies bending, coupling temperature and residual stresses caused by differences in thermal expansion between coupled materials, and the ­pyroplastic deformation that occurs in materials
› DTA for studying exothermic and endothermic reaction of materials
The R&D Department is able to customize Misura products according to customer needs. And the company offers contract analysis.

Hall B6, Stand 320


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