Goerg & Schneider

The Westerwald-based Goerg & Schneider is presenting its extensive range of raw clays, chamottes, ground clays and ceramic bodies for all applications in building ceramics, earthenware and fine stoneware as well as in the sanitaryware and refractories industries.

From its recently acquired deposit Stoss (in the North-Eastern Westerwald), the company has been offering special clays with exceptional dry modulus of rupture and firing colour for the use in ceramic tiles and sanitaryware since 2008.

Its established lump and ground chamotte qualities have been qualitatively improved for the use in the ceramics and refractories industries. A clay purifier in the chamotte preparation is used to remove coarse and other harmful components. Besides that, it also improves significantly the homogeneity of the chamotte body. With a new ground chamotte sizing process, a defined fine grain and a large number of individual screen fractions can be produced.

In ceramic bodies for container and building ceramics, Goerg & Schneider is presenting two new products: a porcelain-like-chamotte-containing sculpture body that is stable in firing up to a temperature of 1280° C which clearly brings out the effect of transparent colour glazes. Owing to its low coefficient of thermal expansion and associated good thermal shock resistance, it is also perfectly suitable for raku firing. A new light-firing body containing coarse chamotte for building ceramics can be dried easily and shows a rustic surface structure.

The company always offers extensive technical consulting for all offered raw materials not only at the trade fair.

Hall A6, Stand 301/402


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