Energy-saving technologies in the

production process

With the background of the ambitious political goal to reduce CO2-emissions in Europe, the requirements for an energy-­efficient production of ceramic building materials increase continuously. Drastically rising prices for energy and additional legislative regulations require a permanent review of the production technology in terms of energy and cost saving potentials. On the other hand, a resource-sparing production cycle is an excellent marketing instrument to thrill sensitized groups of buyers for ecologically high-class ceramic building materials.

During the practical implementation it comes out that due to the high complexity of the production process, bespoke solutions for the plants need to be worked out. The technical understanding of the process along the whole value chain delivers the basic data to identify the best combination of measures. Besides various options to modify the existing production infrastructure, new technologies are becoming increasingly interesting. These technologies, while making it necessary to add equipment to the production, pay back within short time due to the sustainable savings in cost or energy.

Frank Appel, Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrens­technik GmbH & Co. KG, Krumbach, Germany


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