Technology from Marcheluzzo Impianti for the Saf Cer Group in Algeria

The Algerian Saf Cer Group contracted Marcheluzzo Impianti with the development of a new installation for unloading fired products. The objectives of this investment were increased output, improvement of the working conditions and maintenance of regular shift times for the employees.

The new installation con­sisting of two identical lines was realized without any need to shut down the rest of the plant. The entire output can be produced in two shifts; after the end of the shift, time is allowed for cleaning.
All the working stations are properly protected and accessible via electric gates that can only be opened by an operator so as to avoid any risk of accident.

The plant has been installed in compliance with the latest regulations concerning safety and cleanness as specified in the relevant CEE standards. The unloading installation is mounted on a platform, underneath which is set of belt conveyors used to collect rejects and waste into a regularly emptied box. This ensures that the lines remain clean, providing comfortable working conditions for the operator.

The installation is designed to handle different packs and is equipped such that it can surpass the specified production rate. Even the smallest pack size, which contains a relatively small number of products, can be counted in the production circuit so that the programmed production rate of the plant is achieved. The pack size is variable, from 900 x 900 to 1200 x 1200 mm. Rectangular packs can also be formed by turning and stacking the necessary number of products. The packs can also be palletized if necessary.

Besides the necessary grippers, the installation also includes four horizontal strapping machines, four mobile vertical strapping machines, two Fanuc 4-axle robots, two wetting pools with double plunging system and one pallet feeder.

The new line was installed upstream of the existing stacking line, which was simply moved aside during modernization of the plant without stopping production. This old line is in good condition and can be reactivated if needed.

In the new circuit, the kiln cars are unloaded in layers with a gripper. These layers are then set down on two conveyors and sent to quality control and sorting.

The two identical lines work independently so that the production cycle can be split if necessary or in case of problems upstream. Each of the lines is controlled with an innovative and ­dynamic programming system capable of working continuously. With this solution patented by Marcheluzzo any damage to products during module forming can be prevented. An original deviation system was developed and installed for programming of the layers of the hollow blocks on the two lines (with or without the holes for the fork lift). This is used for alignment on four sides and appropriate strapping.

Each line includes a horizontal strapping machine with multiple jumbo coil holder so as to ensure a continuous production flow. The packs are put together by a large-size robot, which picks up the layers from the two lines to form packs of the required height on another line.

The finished packs are strapped by other vertical strapping machines. A forklift takes the packs to the wetting pool and/or directly to a final conveyor, where they are set on top of each other and made ready for loading onto lorries by means of forklifts.

With the double line described, the required production capacity and greater flexibility can be achieved. Depending on the transport requirements (e.g. large- or small-size lorries) packs of two different sizes can be produced. Thanks to the over-dimensioning of the equipment, if one line goes down, a 50% production rate is at least guaranteed by the other line.


The installation equipped with state-of-the-art technologies is a major investment for the Saf Cer Group. With this new installation, the company can meet customer requirements at any time and thanks to the possibility for extending the installation, it can add new products to its range. This project falls in line with the philosophy of the technical management of the Saf Cer Group, that is to be ahead of its time and prioritize environmental protection to prepare the company for new technologies and meet new market requirements.

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