Roof flashing tile sets by Creaton

Optimal solution for numerous roof penetrations

Modern roofs can have numerous roof penetrations – things like roof windows and vent pipes, feed-throughs for solar energy systems, antennas, flue pipes. As far as the German building energy conservation ordinance EnEV is concerned, each of them constitutes a potential weak point in terms of rain safety and airtightness – which translates to thermal bridges. For proper venting of pipe strings, Creaton has the “Signum” adapter set to offer, and for other roof penetrations, the producer has special flashing tiles in colours and finishes to go with practically any roof-tile model. The Creaton assortment therefore offers all-ceramic solutions that can be rounded out in combination with a matching EPDM sub-roof collar.

Of course, Creaton‘s specially designed roof flashing tiles have to display the same rain safety system properties as “normal”, i.e., standard roof tiles. That is ensured by specially engineered EPDM sub-roof collars that have been optimally accommodated to the various roof flashings and therefore enable reliable connection of the various penetrations to the sub-roof in conformance with the requirements of the ZVDH design code. Creaton has roof flashing tile sets for solar energy cables and tubing, antenna poles and gas-heater flue pipes. Two different types of EPDM sub-roof collars are available: The “small” version for antenna and solar-roof flashing tiles, and the “large”, precut type for gas-heater flue pipes with diameters ranging from 110 to 125 mm. Both sub-roof collars come with an integrated diamond-shaped butyl adhesive strip for affixing the collar directly to the respective Creaton sarking membrane.


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