Wienerberger: Fired clay from cellar to roof

For the construction of private detached homes, the perlite-filled high-performance Poroton-T7-P clay block in the wall thickness 49 cm offers efficiency and passive house standard. The virtually thermal-bridge-free structure necessary for this is ensured by stop-end blocks, thermal insulation lintels, levelling and reveal blocks. From the Poroton system for apartment construction, Wienerberger exhibited, for example, the perlite-filled Poroton-S9-P in the wall thickness 36.5 cm, combined with the new suitable high-precision filled clay block (PFZ), which meets the increased requirements for sound insulation in apartment-partitioning walls.

For Terca façade solutions, exclusive facing bricks – also in the long format – are still in demand. Wienerberger presented new colours and refined surfaces, earthy shades now starting to supersede beige colours. With the Vesuv 435 water-struck brick, Wienerberger has taken up this trend. The Group also presented a wider range of brick slips, which enables the construction of thin walls with a brick appearance as an economic solution.

Wide and diverse was also the range of Argeton products for back-ventilated curtain façades, which are in demand for newbuilds and refurbishment worldwide. Equally extensive was the range of Penter clay pavers on show for cost-effective to high-quality design surface areas. Elegant design possibilities are offered, for instance, with the use of pavers with LED lights or the premièred Penter patio tiles in slate or wood look. New in the range are ceramic guiding tiles for the blind, which can be produced in a wide range of colours, matching or contrasting with the clay paver surface.

For the Koramic brand, besides roof solutions with over-rafter insulation to meet different energy requirements and a wide selection of roofing tile models, one focus was the presentation of extensive ceramic and non-ceramic accessories. The wider range includes the optimized ceramic vent pipe system, Koraflex Plus as flue or side wall connection or a ceramic thermal flashing tile which were on show for the first time.


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