Jörn Böke – new sales manager at Burton

After 44 years of great
commitment to the company Burton GmbH + Co. KG and the entire brickmaking industry, on 31 May 2010, Hans-Joachim Giesselink is set to enter his well-deserved retirement. With the Burton Group’s system solutions, Hans-Joachim Giesselink provided important stimuli in the brick industry and has made numerous connections worldwide. When Hans-Joachim Giesselink leaves, he will take a piece of Burton history with him. He will be greatly missed by all Burton em­ployees.

With effect as of 1 April, Jörn Böke has taken on the position of sales manager at Burton. In order to ensure a smooth transition, Hans-Joachim Giesselink has been handling projects together with Jörn Böke over the past year. Jörn Boke has been active in the ceramics industry since 1988, whereby he has also worked for plant construction companies. Jörn Böke has already been with Burton since 2007. Thanks to his studies and his professional background, he has good specialist skills and sound knowledge of ceramic kiln construction. The company Burton is delighted that Jörn Böke, an expert graduate engineer, is taking on the position of sales manager, and is confident that the contacts with customers will remain positive in future.


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