Germany’s Federal Statistical Office

-0.2% permitted dwellings in 2018 compared to the previous year in Germany

In 2018, the construction of around 347 300 dwellings in total was permitted.

As Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports, that was 0.2% or 800 building permits fewer than in the previous year. The permits were granted both for new buildings and measures on existing buildings.

In the newly built residential buildings, in 2018 around 302 800 apartments were permitted. This was 0.7% or 2 100 apartments more than in the previous year. This increase can be exclusively attributed to the increase in building permits for apartments in apartment blocks (+4.7%). In contrast, the number of building permits for detached houses declined by 1.0% and for semi-detached houses, there was a fall of 6.5%.

With regard to the newly built non-residential buildings permitted in 2018, the enclosed space increased by 4.0% to 225.7 mill. cubic metres compared to the previous year.

Destatis | Statistisches Bundesamt


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