Creaton aims to further increase exports

With an EBIT of € 14.4 mill. in 2013, Creaton was able to increase its earnings by more than 4% compared to the previous year (2012: € 13.8 mill.), even if with € 210.8 mill. in sales, the company fell just short of its prior-year turnover (2012: € 214.5 mill). The return on sales was around 7% according to Creaton Director Stephan Führling.

The company plans to further expand its export business. The strengthening of the export activities announced one year ago was completed with concentration of the sales activities in the new company EBM Export GmbH with effect from 1 January 2014. In 2013 around € 55 mill. of the total sales were generated from exports. Besides the European factories in Hungary and Poland, which are important for the Eastern European markets, especially the German-based plants are set to profit from the expansion of the export business. The Polish plant that will produce the new “Titania” large-size roofing tiles has not yet reached 100% of its capacity of 30 mill. roofing tiles.

Premium trading partner Creaton Concept I Roof-Professional

More than 100 building and roofing materials distributors are now part of this trading concept established in 2013. With the permanent storage of a basic range of roofing tiles in regionally popular shapes and colours including matching roofing accessories, the partners guarantee high availability.

Creaton Campus

Director Stephan Führling is delighted that 80% of the spaces at the total of 26 events in the 2014 season are sold out. The seminars have been further optimized to meet the needs of the attendees and new venues added.


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