Braas plant in Petershagen re-assumes the name Heisterholz

In mid-September, Braas held a big summer fete to celebrate the renaming of its roof tile factory in Petershagen. As of immediately, the plant is again going by the tradition-steeped name “Heisterholz”. With this change of name, Braas is calling attention to the region’s history and, in particular, the location‘s importance for the entire evolution of roof tiles.

The baking of roof tiles in Heisterholz began more than 140 years ago. Established there in 1873, the Heisterholz Schütte AG was long managed by the Heuer family/Ernst Rauch. Since 2003, Braas has been responsible for making and marketing the plant‘s roof tiles. “This factory”, explains Burkhard Theuerkauf, Braas’ chief production officer, “has played a key role in the evolvement of roof tiles. To this very day, and far beyond the region’s boundaries, the name Heisterholz stands for top-quality roof tiles.” A new production line for roof tile accessories, just completed in late 2013, has doubled the plant’s production capacity for accessory tiles.

The Braas factory in Heisterholz has a staff of 89, including five apprentices, and 14 customer support specialists complement the Heisterholz workforce.

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