Under this heading, extracts from patents already granted as well as extracts from utility models will be presented. A patent granted for Germany and Europe will have one legal title, which upon expiry of the opposition period (three months for DE, nine months for EP) becomes legally effective on the day following publication. The utility model also has a provisional legal title from the day of publication. This, however, can bechallenged by an action for cancellation at any time. The extracts contain the title of the invention, a summary and, where indicated, a drawing.

Numerical key
11) No. of the European (EP, final letter B) or
German patent specification (DE, final letter B) or
the No. of the utility model (DE, final letter U)
22) Day of application
43) Day of publication of the application of the patent or the utility model
45) Day of application of the patent specification
47) For utility models, day of registration in the register
57) First claim
71) Applicant for utility models
73) Patent holder
84) Designated contracting states for EP (country code)

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