A new start for Ceric Automation

On 2 April 2010 the Commercial Court of Dijon (F) confirmed the awarding of the Ceric Automation assets to the company Leia, the chairman of which is Philippe Penillard.

Whereas Ceric Automation had a workforce of 200 people, the new company employs 55 people at its Nolay site in Burgundy. It benefits from a strong financing of 4.5 mill. euros, and is able to quickly mobilize additional engineers and technicians as and when needed .

The shareholders of this new technology supplier is a group of 30 experienced managers, engineers and experts, well-known on the market, from this former Ceric Group subsidiary, so that Ceric Automation is now an independent customer-oriented company operating in Europe and all over the world; the new management wishes to continue the “best-of-breed” partnerships developed with the company’s historical partners. Ceric Automation boasts over 400 references in brickworks and roofing tile plants delivered and successfully commissioned worldwide. The trust-based and win-win partnerships that Ceric Automation has built up with its customers enable a quick restart of its service activities for existing plants as well as the supply of new plants and equipment. Moreover the new Ceric Automation aims at recovering its innovation leadership in its core business, i.e. the design, engineering and commissioning of handling and robotic systems, process control and computer data management for the ceramic industry.

Ceric Automation is a “one site” company based in the industrial area of Nolay, where it has facilities covering 7 300 m2, including one 2 700 m2 machine workshop, three halls for assembling and testing machines covering a total of 2 700 m2, engineering and design offices.

Taking advantage of its know-how in the ceramic field and of the personal involvement of its engineers, Ceric Automation expects to actively expand its services to others industries where handling systems linked with process control engineering are required. This diversification will positively influence business whilst boosting innovation.

As soon as possible, Ceric Automation will choose a new name and corporate identity. The sales team will visit customers to present the new financial structure, functional organization and portfolio of this ambitious company.


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