Highly efficient, compact and economical

The new Ecomb-TO with Bluemax burner technology from Eisenmann

The Ecomb from Eisenmann thermal oxidation plant is by far one of the most energy-efficient and compact such plant on the market. In addition to lower operating costs, smaller footprint and easier handling in operation and maintenance, the newly developed compact thermal oxidation plant also features the low-emission Bluemax burner system.


Principle of operation

Incoming exhaust air is preheated by structured heat exchanger tubes and guided into the combustion chamber via bent guide vanes. The patented gas nozzle of the newly developed Bluemax burner produces a bell-shaped gas cloud which mixes intensively with the incoming exhaust air. The resultant turbulence in the combustion chamber ensures exceptionally effective oxidation of the hydrocarbons with marginal NOx formation. The clean gas is guided round the combustion chamber to the heat exchanger tubes, releasing energy to the incoming exhaust air. The clean gas exit temperature can be varied via a bypass valve and adapted in line with downstream heat exchanger systems.

Features distinguishing the innovative Ecomb-TO with Bluemax burner technology from conventional systems:

› Less space required
› Self-compensating high-efficiency heat exchanger tubes with self-cleaning effect
› Lower gas consumption due to an innovative burner concept with combustion chamber temperature reduced by approx. 30° C
› Better pre-heating and correspondingly lower gas consumption due to short exhaust-air path to the combustion chamber
› Lower electricity consumption, as pressure losses are minimized by optimized air guidance
› Longer service life due to reduced thermal stress on the components
› Less stress on components due to tension, as temperature-related expansion follows the same direction
› More uniform air and heat distribution through optimized inflow of exhaust air to a collector instead of only to one side of the first row of tubes
› Exhaust air is optimally homogenized in the combustion chamber by swirling and reversal of the flow
› Environmentally beneficial through lower CO, emissions, as well as lower NOx, CO and CO2 emissions
› Combustion chamber can be positioned horizontally or upright
› Addition of external air allows the Bluemax burner to be operated with exhaust gases with low oxygen content

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